From PPL(G) to CPL(G) – Hour building package

If you are thinking of obtaining your CPL(G) here are the requirements:

1)    PPL(G) requirements: Where an applicant holds an existing current and valid pilot’s licence where ground examinations and theoretical subjects were required to obtain that licence and the standard of the ground examination was of an equivalent or higher level, the ground examination shall be credited apart from Gyroplane Technical examination paper.

Holders of a UK issued pilot’s licence in a different category of aircraft may be credited with a maximum of 15 hours flying experience towards the PPL(G) training requirement (40 hours minimum required training hours).

2)    Entry requirements for the CPL(G) course: Helicopter or Airplane pilots who hold a current ATPL / CPL(H) or (A) will be given some credits when considering applying for a CPL(G).They will be credited all of the previously passed Theoretical Knowledge exams, but are still required to pass gyroplane technical and gyroplane principles of flight exams. The CPL(G) pre course entry requirements will include a minimum flight time of 155 hours (G) for which they may claim up to 50 hours credit if the ATPL / CPL(H) or (A) is current. Additionally an IR(H) or (A) will get a further 5 hours credit towards the instrument flying requirement in the course.

3)    CPL(G) course and examination: Once this is finalized we will update the information. It is anticipated that this will be by September 2016 whereby the exact requirements will be amended in the ANO. This will also include a night rating on the Gyrocopter as part of the CPL(G).

Gyro School can offer PPL(G) training and subsequent hour building programme to the required minimum hours on our machines. While training is harder to gauge the hour building programme is set at a fixed cost – dry. The aircraft will be completely insured and is maintained to the highest standard. This is extremely useful if you are looking to build hours in block and would like to do it consistently. Rochester EGTO has a licenced runway which means at a later date your night rating can be completed here as well. Get in touch for further information.

Please contact us for further details if you are interested: contact (at)

Contact number is: 07946395310 or 07508601964

Website: (GyroPro link)

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