Trial Flights

Go on – treat yourself today, you won’t regret it! Whether you are considering starting a PPL(Gyroplane) course or simply finding out what taking control of an aircraft feels like, the Trial Flights will provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who samples it for the first time.

As a CAA authorised Flying Training Organisation, we conduct our Trial Flights with same level of professionalism and attention to safety as we would any of our pilot courses or flights.

All our aircraft are equipped with dual controls and you will occupy the captain’s seat in the front with one of our experienced flying instructors in the back or next to you (depending on aircraft type chosen) – it is the best seat in the house.

Throughout the Trail Flight you will be encouraged to take the controls for most of the flight with the instructor intervening mainly during the take-off and landing phases of the flight.

All lessons are preceded by a classroom briefing to explain the basic controls and to discuss the flight route.

Any time flown during a Trail Flight will count towards the PPL(G) course should you decide to take up flying. You will also receive a certificate proving you have completed your flight with our school.

Purchase a Trial Flight (via PayPal)

All Trial Flights are valid for six months from the date of purchase. You will receive your voucher via email in the form of an eVoucher which you can either print off or, more conveniently, retain on your phone as a PDF.
There are four types of Trail Flights on offer in either an open (MTOSport), the enclosed tandem Gyroplane (Calidus) or the side-by-side enclosed Gyroplane (Cavalon):

  • The Sunny Flight:
    Open cockpit – £75
    Enclosed cockpit Cavalon – £85
    An exciting 15 minute trial flight allowing you enough time to sample the controls of the aircraft.

  • The Bronze Flight:
    Open cockpit – £110
    Enclosed cockpit Calidus – £130
    Enclosed cockpit Cavalon – £140
    This will give you approximately 30 minutes in the aircraft, enough for you to fly around the local area – Rochester / Gillingham / St Mary’s Marsh.

  • The Silver Flight:
    Open cockpit – £180
    Enclosed cockpit Calidus – £220
    Enclosed cockpit Cavalon – £240
    This lesson lasts a full hour. In that time you could, for example, fly along the Thames Estuary, Gravesend, Maidstone and Leeds Castle before returning.

  • The Dover Flight:
    Open cockpit MTOSport – £270
    Enclosed cockpit Cavalon – £320
    With you at the controls of the aircraft, this truly fantastic experience flight takes you to the White Cliffs of Dover past the always beautiful and breath-taking Leeds Castle. You will follow the North Downs all the way past Ashford and Folkstone where you will also be able to see Dover Castle in its full glory. In addition you will be party to experiencing stunning views across the Dover straight as well as the Port of Dover (and on certain days you might even be able to see France). An experience to treasure. This experience flight typically lasts up to 90 minutes and you get to see those amazing and historic sights while you are piloting the aircraft under the watchful eye of your instructor. This is indeed the ultimate experience flight in any Autogyro! This flight experience is a truly unforgettable and wonderful gift.


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