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Kai Maurer

Kai Maurer

Here at the Gyro School we fly the CAA approved MTOSport, Calidus & Cavalon gyroplanes compliant with all requirements of the gyroplane airworthiness code, BCAR Section T. It is operated by most training schools around the world, they are one of the most reliable, best performing gyroplanes available. This makes them the first choice to many owner-pilots together with low operating costs.

The GyroSchool provides you with the very best of training in helping you to gain your CAA PPL(Gyroplanes) and the breathtaking Kent countryside provides a superlative and magnificent backdrop for it.

The CAA PPL(G) is recognised worldwide.

Here at the Gyro School we also offer Further Training if you already hold your PPL(G). We offer invaluable Farm Strip Training particularly useful if you are aiming to fly out of tricky private strips or indeed your own field; this is very challenging but extremely enjoyable. It introduces a different side to flying an Autogyro and explores the full potential of this amazing aircraft.

All training is carried out by a CAA approved Instructor. Kai Maurer is a fully qualified Gyroplane Instructor and Examiner with over 6000hrs on Gyroplanes who will take you through the syllabus and all ground exams. He has also been elected as an Upper Freeman of The Honourable Company of Air Pilots which received its Royal Charter in 2014. This is a great honour as he is the only UK Gyroplane Instructor/ Examiner to be recognised as a member. Gyro School is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller.

We can also arrange for intensive courses at your location anywhere in the UK or Europe where we can come to you and do intensive instruction at your local airfield or home strip on a one to one basis. If you are stuck for traveling time or have an aircraft wanting instruction or without the need to travel far afield then get in touch.

In April 2013 the CAA have issued a dispensation allowing self-fly hire for UK factory built Gyroplanes on a permit to fly. This is a very welcome development as those amazing aircraft can now be hired from Gyro School – please contact us for further details and rates.

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