PPL(G) Syllabus and Exercises

Section 1 – Basic Flying
Exercise 1a – Air Experience Flight
Exercise 1b – Effects of Control
Exercise 1c – Start up, Taxi and Shutdown
Exercise 1d – Basic Flying Consolidation

Section 2 – Upper Air Work
Exercise 2a – Fly a straight track at constant altitude
Exercise 2b – Increase and decrease speed at constant altitude
Exercise 2c – Medium turns at constant altitude
Exercise 2d – Climb and descend – straight
Exercise 2e – Climb and descend whilst turning
Exercise 2f – Fly circuit pattern
Exercise 2g – Upper Air Work Consolidation

Section 3 – Rotor Management, take-offs and landings
Exercise 3a – Rotor Management
Exercise 3b – Take-offs
Exercise 3c – Landings
Exercise 3d – Hops
Exercise 3e – Circuit Consolidation

Section 4 – Emergencies
Exercise 4a – Engine failures to touchdown at the airfield
Exercise 4b – Engine failure in the circuit, unable to reach the airfield
Exercise 4c – Engine failure on take-off
Exercise 4d – Emergencies
Exercise 4e – Recognising and recovery from unusual attitudes

Section 5 – Solo Flying
Exercise 5a – Pre-solo check
Exercise 5b – First Solo
Exercise 5c – Solo consolidation

Section 6 – Advanced Flying
Exercise 6a – Advanced take-offs
Exercise 6b – Advanced landings
Exercise 6c – Slow flight
Exercise 6d – Fast flight
Exercise 6e – Zero airspeed descents
Exercise 6f – Advanced turns
Exercise 6g – Low flying
Exercise 6h – Advanced Rotor Management

Section 7 – Cross-Country Flying
Exercise 7a – Join the circuit at unfamiliar airfields
Exercise 7b – Precautionary Field landings
Exercise 7c – Emergency Field landings
Exercise 7d – Navigation
Exercise 7e – Qualifying Cross-Country

Section 8 – General Flying Test
Exercise 8a – Pre- GFT check
Exercise 8b – General Flying Test

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